Reinoud Beimers

Reinoud Beimers studied international business and languages. He previously worked for large organizations as a business developer in the Netherlands, the UK and Switzerland.

Among his clients were banks like: ING, RBS, HSBC, Julius Baer and insurance companies such as Nationale Nederlanden, Delta Lloyd, Generali and Amlin. But also telecom companies like KPN, Tele2, T-Mobile and NGO’s like UNICEF, WTO and many others.

A better world

After five years of working in the private sector, while working for an English company in Switzerland, Reinoud decided to quit his job and use his business insights and talents for a better world. To do so 5 years ago, he started Salève.

Salève was named after Mont Salève near Geneva, the name of his mountain originates from the French word s’èlever. Which roughly translates as getting up or lifting up. This symbolizes what we do for people, organizations and partnerships, get them up and running. So after that they themselves can continue to make impact, try new things, succeed and sometimes fail, and then get back up.