10,000 HOURS

By the end of 2018, we were approached by the board of the 10,000 HOURS foundation, an organization that focusses on activating young people to contribute to society.

Assignment: After 7 years there was a strong need for a new business model, mainly driven by the urge to continue the social impact made by the foundation, in which thousands of young people are involved annually. By looking for the right partners and new forms of financial income, a new team was set up in 2019. At the moment we hope to secure the new model and new team in 2020, there are several positive future scenario’s that the board will have to decide upon.

Project duration: 18 months

Nieuw Wij

In 2017, founder of the Nieuw Wij network, professor Manuela Kalsky was challenged with guiding her initiative through a phase in which the business model had to be rethought.

Assignment: Take the lead and guide the organization, its individuals and affiliated partners, through a process that will result in an independent organization with a social entrepreneurial business model.

Result: We guided Nieuw Wij towards their 10th year anniversary, innovated the online platform, introduced several services and Nieuw Wij is still and now a significant social enterprise focussing on diversity & inclusion, online and in several sectors.


In 2016, Reinoud was approached by the founder of Ashoka in the Netherlands for helping them develop the Dutch community and underlying partnerships.

Assignment: Help structure the fellowship program and take it to a higher level by setting up and offering a wide range of programs. Take the lead on corporate partnerships and co-create a number of projects focussed on social innovation.

Result: A growing community of innovative changemakers working for and with Ashoka NL, successful corporate partnerships and operational excellence.

Project duration: 12 months


In 2016, Mckinsey Germany approached Reinoud through the Ashoka network to help set up knowledge sessions around youth unemployment.

Assignment: Based on input of knowledgeable organisations in the Netherlands and his own experience working with specific target groups with high unemployment rates as a trainee for Randstad, give a workshop to guide McKinsey consultants and a group of students through the dynamics and challenges related to this topic.

Result: Highly intensive sessions producing tangible solutions that apply to this topic in the Dutch context.

Project duration: 2 months


In 2015, being a former board member of the CDA Amsterdam, Reinoud was asked by their representatives to lay the foundation together with them for the electoral program in 2018.

Assignment: Set up a structure for the preparation process coming from and based upon the existing knowledge of the challenges of a political party and create space for strong moral values with a family orientation in a growing city.

Result: In an intensive course focusing on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, producing an outline for communication strategy.

Project duration: 3 months


In 2015 the entrepreneurs Martijn van Dort and Norbert Bessems asked Reinoud, to help them with taking the lead for the commercial business model and managing their business development.

Assignment: Coming from a background in building up an international organization that focusses on producing high quality visuals and digital tooling Martijn, Norbert and Reinoud set up Scaura, a digital start-up, in which they combined their expertise which they gathered over the years. By choosing a market approach structured around partnerships direct sales and a digital campaign. Strategical contacts were made, direct sales accounts were approached and a digital campaign was set up to enable the ideal go to market based upon pay per user structure.

Result: Exploring the commercial possibilities of the Scaura product by piloting with strategical distributing partners, while leading the continuous development of the commercial organization.  

Project duration: 12 months

Protestantse Kerk Amsterdam

In 2014 the Protestant Church of Amsterdam showed far going interest in theoretical and practical knowledge on how to approach social innovation for their pioneer projects in specific areas in Amsterdam.

Assignment: Assess the needs of individual pioneers and link them with models and best practices from economical perspective in order to help them better organize their activities and finances. And to come up with a series of coaching and training that was in line with the vision of how the Protestan Church can move their innovative approach and support for these intelligent individuals forward.

Result: A series of master classes for social pioneers focussing on what they’re good at, supporting them in an ever changing world.

Project duration: 6 months

De Nieuwe Poort

In 2013 entrepreneur Ruben van Zwieten had the intention to create a meeting place in the middle of the Zuid-As for 50.000 professionals who work in the area. After a period of searching in order to find the right place, a vacant office location was chosen as the base for the foundation de Nieuwe Poort.

Assignment: Take on the role of business leader to take care of the physical lay-out of the location, recruit and train new team members, conduct interviews with new sponsors, close business deals, ensure proper accounting and retrieve and organize small and large events and many more tasks in cooperation with the initiators. 

Results: Together with the board of the foundation responsible for the business success of the Nieuwe Poort. 

Duration: 18 months